I'm in the process of deploying the K1000 and K2000 appliances as VMs.  I downloaded the OVFs, and during the install I'm asked if I would like to do thick or thin provisioning.  Normally I would do thin here and call it a day, as I don't need 1 TB of blank space being taken up on my NAS from day 1.  

Dell tells me that "Thin provisioning is not supported" and if I run my VMs this way they will not be supported.  I've spoken to three techs that have all told me a similar story.  I've asked them to show me this in writing somewhere, but all they can do is point me to the system requirements page that just says each server needs 500GB.  I explain the server still sees it has 500GB when thin provisioned but they tell me this doesn't matter.  They offered to get a "level 3 technician" to put something in writing stating thick provisioning is not supported, which I'm still waiting for.

Have any of you heard this or am I the only one?  Do you run KACE thin or thick?

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No, it is not supported.  There is a 250gb VM for the K1000 if you want a smaller one.

If you install in VMware Workstation, I believe it converts the VM to thin because I have one that takes up about 90gb of space as a test environment.

Edited to add: the 250GB version was available up until the 5.3 version of the K1000.  Since then, the VM has been 500GB.

Answered 09/19/2012 by: jknox
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  • Can you please show me in writing where it says it is not supported?

    I don't even understand why Dell would care. The server thinks it has 500 GB either way.
    • I'm not aware of it being in writing anywhere. The VMs are simply thick provisioned and that's what is supported.

      To further clarify "not supported", the vk1000 itself would be supported, but any issues that arise from it being thin provisioned would not.
  • If it's not in writing, how do you know it's not supported?
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Dell KACE now supports Virtual K-series appliances deployed using any provisioning policy-- thick provision lazy zeroed, thin provision, etc.-- allowed on supported VMware ESX/ESXi platforms.  See the VK-series Setup Guide, or the virtual appliance's Tech Specs, for supported hypervisor platforms and versions.  Customers may choose the provisioning policy that best meets the needs of their environment.

Answered 03/04/2013 by: mdri
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  • Again, I'd like to see this in writing. How do you know it is supported now and before it wasn't? Where are you getting this information?

    The virtual appliances tech specs make no mention of thin or thick:
    http://www.kace.com/products/systems-management-appliance/tech-specs, nor does the setup guide.
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