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I have ssen a past script for MasterCAM x6 and have tried to match it with x7 but it will not install the software silently.

Any ideas.



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Nice of software vendors to keep their setups consistent when they release a new version. Have you tried the various known switches?

It;s trial and error but here is al list:


Answered 08/28/2013 by: EVEEN
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  • this is a Mastercam x7 Admin Doc in pdf format which should help you:


    However, when running the Install Mastercam x7 (looks like an .exe file), what you can do is:

    1. first open up your %temp% folder
    2. clear all the contents (as many as you can)
    3. run the exe and see what folders start to appear, generally this is the place where the setup files are unpacked for the setup to continue.
    4. You will definitely need to sort out the HASP key driver (or Aladdin, depends on your licence setup)

    Now you will have the necessary files to play around with.

    if the above fails, then you will need to record your setup by using the record switch to your exe file: eg. Install_MasterCam_X7.exe /r

    Continue through the entire installation and all your clicked options will be finally saved to the c:\windows directory in an "answer" file called "setup.iss" (tip: if you open this up with Notepad you will see all the saved settings!)

    then to run the Mastercam x7 silently, you use this command:

    setup.exe /s f1:setup.iss (NOTE: no spaces between f1: & setup.iss)


I've tried this, and it seems to work:

For Win7x64 machines, I unpacked the ISO to a netshare, root folder = "mcamx7".

I start the setup.exe from the x64 folder:


For testing I made a .bat file in that folder with the following command:

setup.exe /S /v/qn /V"CNC_UNIT_TYPE=M" /V"CNC_SIM_TYPE=N" /V"AgreeToLicense=YES" /V"RebootYesNo=NO"

(that's the same as our older X6 version)

CNC_UNIT_TYPE=M (use metric units)

CNC_SIM_TYPE=N (network hasp)

I also copied the mcim.ini file to the same folder as setup.exe and edited the contents with similar settings:

;; mcim.ini



;;I ;; Inch
M ;; Metric

;;H ;; Hasp
N ;;Nethasp


1 ;; All Users
;;2 ;; This user only


[InstallMachSimSubFolders] ;; Install subfolders under \SharedDefaults\ModuleWorks\MachSim
Y ;; Yes
;;N ;; No

The bat file runs well and completes a silent install. After that I need to place the nethasp.ini file in the app folder. I'll do that as a second step in our deployment software.

I'm adding X7 to a deployment system called "Capa". I'll know tommorrow if it works through that as well.





Answered 01/16/2014 by: nxspam
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  • Thank you for these steps, however they do not seem to work. What is the release number of your Mastercam X7? I'm using source files from DVD with release number on Windows 7 x64. As of now I'm trying to repackage the application with InstallShield.

    EDIT: I totally forgot to check out the web site. Latest version can be found here:

    EDIT #2: Here's how you can extract MSI from EXE:
    mastercamx7-mu2-x64-full-web.exe /a /s /v"/qn TARGETDIR=\"C:\choose-a-location\""