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I'm having problems imaging Dell Venue 11 Pro (7130) tablets.  I have tweaked the various scripts and I'm still getting errors with the UEFI partitions.  The following lists the configuration information:


Task Error

The following task failed.

Task ID: 12

Task name: Create UEFI Partitions

Return code: 2147755356

Error description: Unknown error.


Installation Plan

Run Pre-installation Tasks

-         -  Create UEFI Partitions

-          - Install Vista/2008/7/8/2012 MBR

Deploy System Image

Run Mid-Level Tasks

-          - Apply UEFI Partitions

Reboot (Exit Boot Environment)

Run Post-Install Tasks

-          - CFG:Disable Firewall

-          - CFG:Enable RDC


Create UEFI Partitions – DISKPART Script:

Select disk 0


Convert gpt

Create partition efi size=500

Assign letter=s

Format quick fs=FAT32

Create partition msr size=128

Create partition primary

Assign letter=c

Format quick fs=NTFS



Apply UEFI Partitions – BAT Script

bcdedit /set {bootmgr} device partition=s:

bcdedit /set {memdiag} device partition=s:

bcdedit /set {default} device partition=c:

bcdedit /set {default} osdevice partition=c:

Bcdedit /set {FWbootmgr} displayorder {Bootmgr} /addfirst


Original Partitions – Disk 0:

Partition 1 System       500 MB

Partition 2 OEM          40 MB

Partition 3 Reserved   128 MB

Partition 4 Recovery   2048 MB

Partition 5 Primary     220 GB

Partition 6 OEM          8 GB

Partition 7 Recovery   7475 MB


When capturing the original image I had to manually assign Disk 0, Volume 2 the drive letter 'S' as it wasn't detected automatically.  What am I doing wrong?

Thank you!

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Answered 04/22/2015 by: piobaireachd
Orange Senior Belt

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What version of the K2000 are you using?  As I recall, support for the Venue Pro 11 was added in the latest 3.7 version.

Also, here is an overall imaging doc for that model that might be helpful: http://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/19/SLN292679/EN
Answered 04/22/2015 by: jknox
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I inherited the K2000 from a previous tech who has since left the company.The way he did it was to disable secure boot and enable legacy boot. Then just push the image like that. 
Answered 04/23/2015 by: h2opolo25
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Never got it working.  I manually configured the five tablets.
Answered 05/08/2015 by: piobaireachd
Orange Senior Belt

I realized I assigned S: to the wrong partition.  I reassigned it to Volume 1, but still have the same results.
Answered 04/22/2015 by: piobaireachd
Orange Senior Belt