Hi Guys, 

I have an application called Logitech Options 6.80.372 which is available in below link:
I tried all the silent parameters possible to install application like /S /Q -S -Q -Silent /Silent /Quiet -Quiet but nothing works out. /? help does not have any parameter inside.
The exe Options_6.80.372.exe can be extracted with WinZip but doesn't have any real installer inside but has loose files. 

I tried to create package using repackger with best practices but it doesn't work as expected. (Not able to detect the files). 

Any help is really appreciated. 

Regards, The_D
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  • Seems odd you can't detect the files. Where are they getting installed?
    • The files get installed on C:\Program Files and Program Data folder.
  • When I opened it with 7-zip, I extracted the dir called "$_111_" which has a file called "uninstaller.exe". The uninstaller will run, but none of the standard silent params worked for that, either.
  • Are you using KACE? If so, does the software detail page have anything in the "uninstall command" field?
  • anyone?

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