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Coming to my problem. I have to display a message to the end user when running the first time that they need to contact the vendor that they dont have the license. Is there a way that we can do it. I am using Wise package studio 7.0 to package.

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Answer Summary:
Can use AutoIt to make an executable and run it at the end. Or use a bootstrapper where you have a coloumn where you can have a custom message displayed at the end of the install.
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What software?

Answered 09/11/2012 by: dugullett
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  • Axe. Which i have tried to install it in an environment and they said that the license are cannot be floated. So i have to display a message as soon as they get the software installed.
    • I've used AutoIT for things like this before. The MsgBox command is what I use. This will create an exe that will display whatever message you need. I would then do as Chris suggested and use a runonce and call that exe.



      $answer = MsgBox(0, "Axe Install", "Please contact vendor for license.")

      If $answer = 1 Then

      You can even get creative and when they click ok it will launch the vendor URL.
  • Also do the same thing with one line of vbs...

    msgbox ("Please Contact vendor for license")

    Obviously some use AutoIT due to environment restrictions, advanced needs, and that is what they are used to (among others).

    I personally have only "needed" to use it once in 10 years packaging and deploying software. But as I said, environments and needs are different everywhere you go.
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Maybe just have your package add something to the RunOnce registry key (HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce) so that next time they log on after the package has been installed they get a message and then Windows will remove the entry automatically so they don't see it again next time they log in. I think that would be a lot easier than trying to get the message to appear the first time they launched the application itself, but I might be wrong.

Answered 09/11/2012 by: chris128
Orange Belt

  • I will try in giving it a shot. Thanks Chris.
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First question is what type of envronment?  Shared or single user computers?

If shared you almost have to build for the possibility that any user that logs into a computer needs to be taken into account.

If single user, Chris' suggestion would work ok.

Second question... Is the installer an msi (or are your packaging it into one?), and are you familiar with msi modification?

If using msi installer, there are a number of options for launching a dialog either at install, app launch or login/boot depending what your needs are.

You could also script the short-cut to launch the app so it runs a check for license, if not found dialog appear...  If found modify shortcut then launch app...  Pretty messy but do-able.

Answered 09/11/2012 by: dandirk
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The same can be achieved through wise script also :

item: Display Message
  Text=Please Contact vendor for license

Answered 09/12/2012 by: hrs2cool
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Run the script to popup message after InstallFinalize in your MSI.

Answered 09/13/2012 by: piyushnasa
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