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I have extracted the 'Toshiba UnifiedPOS for Windows.msi' from the InstallShield 'Setup.exe' and created a mst with all the settings required for our setup. But the msi package have a launch condition which requires a 'UposSetup.iss' file to be present on the 'Windows volume/WinRoot' when running in silent mode. The 'UposSetup.iss' is created both by the msi package and the setup.exe, based on the choices made in the setup dialogs. If I delete this launch condition in the mst file, is the msi installer able to complete successfully when running in silent mode under my admin credentials. But when I deploy this msi package with sccm and the msi installer running in silent mode under the system account, the launch condition still comes into effect.

My question is therefore: Can I force or permanently disable, remove or modify this launch condition in the mst file, so it also carries through and does not come into effect when the installations runs with system account credentials? Or can I modify the mst file, so it looks for the 'UposSetup.iss' file in the file path where the msi package is located, which varies from client to client when deployed with sccm?


Installation log file

=== Logging started: 07-05-2019  17:49:17 ===

Action start 17:49:17: INSTALL.

Action start 17:49:17: NetHoodFolder.D49A5578_D28E_4C88_9DAE_3249953B70DA.

Action ended 17:49:17: NetHoodFolder.D49A5578_D28E_4C88_9DAE_3249953B70DA. Return value 1.

Action start 17:49:17: PrintHoodFolder.D49A5578_D28E_4C88_9DAE_3249953B70DA.

Action ended 17:49:17: PrintHoodFolder.D49A5578_D28E_4C88_9DAE_3249953B70DA. Return value 1.

Action start 17:49:17: RecentFolder.D49A5578_D28E_4C88_9DAE_3249953B70DA.

Action ended 17:49:17: RecentFolder.D49A5578_D28E_4C88_9DAE_3249953B70DA. Return value 1.

Action start 17:49:17: WindowsFolder_x86_VC.AFA96EB4_FA9F_335C_A7CB_36079407553D.

Action ended 17:49:17: WindowsFolder_x86_VC.AFA96EB4_FA9F_335C_A7CB_36079407553D. Return value 1.

Action start 17:49:17: SystemFolder_x86_VC.AFA96EB4_FA9F_335C_A7CB_36079407553D.

Action ended 17:49:17: SystemFolder_x86_VC.AFA96EB4_FA9F_335C_A7CB_36079407553D. Return value 1.

Action start 17:49:17: WindowsFolder_amd64_VC.BFF61907_AA2D_3A26_8666_98D956A62ABC.

Action ended 17:49:17: WindowsFolder_amd64_VC.BFF61907_AA2D_3A26_8666_98D956A62ABC. Return value 1.

Action start 17:49:17: System64Folder_amd64_VC.BFF61907_AA2D_3A26_8666_98D956A62ABC.

Action ended 17:49:17: System64Folder_amd64_VC.BFF61907_AA2D_3A26_8666_98D956A62ABC. Return value 1.

Action start 17:49:17: OSInfo.

Action ended 17:49:17: OSInfo. Return value 0.

Action start 17:49:17: SetUSEINI.

Action ended 17:49:17: SetUSEINI. Return value 1.

Action start 17:49:17: issValidation.



ERROR: Aborting installation. ISS file is not found

Action ended 17:49:17: issValidation. Return value 3.

Action ended 17:49:17: INSTALL. Return value 3.

=== Logging stopped: 07-05-2019  17:49:17 ===

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Whats your install command? Sounds like the TRANSFORM is not being applied. 
Would try full logging /L*vx and make sure the transform is applied when running.
Answered 05/09/2019 by: rileyz
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