My company is going through a merge with 2 different companies. What are the best practices that I can implement to make sure the merge goes well. Are there any articles that I can read to assist me with this merge? I saw one online that insisted a Active Directory Forest. We eventually want to make this whole thing into one domain. If anyone has been apart of this kind of situation before, please let me know what issues you faced and what issues I should look out for.


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  • Ah, you normally hire professionals for this kind of job unless you like steep learning curves. This is normally a project which requires many resources and expertise. It all depends of the number of users, complexity of your current AD. It might be even better to start from scratch which means you can redesign your whole AD! Do you have remote sites? Whats going to happen with printers, how are you going to switch them? What are you going to do with the mail system? The data, will you have enough space to house it all. Network, can you handle adding extra people?

    Lots and lots of questions with many answers...
  • You can establish trusts between domains and slowly merge things into one domain or create a forest level with multiple domains. The Hierarchy Planning and Implementation of this should be done by someone who has lots of MS Domain Experience and has done something like this. If this is not you, find a good Domain Certified Consultant and work with them for the transition.
  • ok thank you. Great advice!
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