i am trying to install autocad 2012 silently

got the install working lovely

but the command DESKTOPSHORTCUT_1=0 is not getting rid of the shortcuts?

can anyone advise how to do this

i have tried disabling these in the setup.ini by changing Create_Desktop_shortcut=NO rather than yes but when i run in command line its still spitting out the desktop shortcuts

very frustrating!


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So you're creating the silent install but you're making the changes via the setup.ini? Have you tried creating a deployment? Whenever I do AutoCAD packages the deployment creation that's built into the setup.exe always works wonders.

There should be a setting to not create a desktop shortcut when making it as well.

Answered 10/30/2012 by: samzeeco
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  • hi
    the setup.ini was a last resort to see if it worked
    i have a command line setup
    becuase of licence issues i cant use the deployment creation as i cant input one licence, i can work around this by using all 00000000 in the serial number but the creating shortcuts switch doesnt appear to work
  • but to use image deployment you have to have a licence dont you?
    so i cant use it as i cant have this one single licence in, when the app is going out to users who all have a licence each
  • So does it use a network license? Or do the users have their own keys to put in? If you use a network license you're able to specify that in the deployment creation, it's what we use and always seems to work out alright.

    Let me look through some of our older files and see if we have anything different. I've always had the CREATE_DESKTOP_SHORTCUT=NO work.
  • Yea, we've always had success with that. I found a similar issue someone had with TrueView 2013, the solution for them was to install using a batch file and to include a line to delete the shortcut after it was created.

    REM Delete desktop shortcut created by SETUP.EXE for all users
    del /q c:\users\public\desktop\dwgtru~1.lnk (Obviously trade this out for the name of the link Acad 2012 creates.)


    There might be something funky that gets triggered on machines that causes that particular line to not work.
  • hi
    theres mutiple licences out there
    the issue is that they mirror the desktops and for some reason in sccm i cant use the del command in batch file as it doesnt remove the shortcuts when i deploy it, manually it works a treat
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I have also faced this issue.. not able to remove it.. Finally, I opened the main MSI in ORCA and changed the property in there and it worked fine.. cheeky but nothing happens in changing a property value through ORCA...

Answered 10/30/2012 by: piyushnasa
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  • i have tried changing all the desktop properties and it doesnt work, which msi did you change it in?
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