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Hi need help Deploying the program MockPlus - https://www.mockplus.com/downloader

Many websites says the it is a Inno Setup Installer so you can use this setup - http://www.jrsoftware.org/ishelp/index.php?topic=setupcmdline

But the only way you can deploy it is with this Silent Switch /silent. But after the installation it gives you this prompt:

Then you cannot deploy it Silent. I have tryed this Method but is doesn't help


Can anyone help me? It would be nice if i diddent have to repackage it.

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  • You could try adding a script like PowerShell

    $cmd = Get-WmiObject win32_process -Filter "name = 'cmd.exe'" | % { $_.Terminate() }

    to get the actual name that same window that you gave in your example has to be running, open Task Manager to locate the name and insert that into the script. So when you go to deploy the application you can include the script to close the window at the end of the deployment process if that makes sense. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or need any additional help.

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INNO Setup has the /VERYSILENT argument also. You can also create an INF. Google for 'INNO SAVEINF' for details.

There's still no guarantee, of course, but try executing the set-up EXE with an INF and /VERYSILENT.

Lastly, I'd repackage it, anyway! :-)

Answered 03/01/2019 by: VBScab
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