I am in process of installing prey-lock on one of our PC which has been stolen and would like to know how to deploy this software via KACE silently using the command prompt or Distributed silently.

Any advise on this?



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  • I don't believe it's possible for the KACE agent to communicate back to the KBOX when it leaves the local network. The agents are set to report to a local IP, not a remote one. Once the computer has left your network, KACE won't see it again until it comes back.

    I could be wrong, though. Not the most experienced KACE user out there.
  • You can set up your agents with a FQDN so that it can resolve to a public IP address or DNS name. Then NAT it into your network so that no matter where they are at, as long as they have internet access you can manage them.

    KBOX users with laptops they want to manage out of their network tend to configure the KBOX agents that way and then their network to pass the traffic to the KBOX server.
    • Too late setting up FQDN as we dont have AD setup at the moment, but we can see the machine in our Kace. Any other tips?
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