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We have multiple domains setup though the company that are not set up with trust. But we still need Kace on all the machines. We have the GPO tool and a GPO enabled on one of the outer domains but we are not able to seem to get it working. Does anyone have any tips or places to start to look for why this isnt working?
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  • Ok, So the GPO tool is working and installing the Kace Agent (Verified ProgramData Folder for Quest is on machines) but none of them are showing up in the Kace SMA.
  • Does the installation file have the correct name? It should have the server name at the end of the main file name (note there's an underscore in there)
    If you go to the folder
    I believe there should be a file with the server name in it

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Found the issue. Turns out the public facing url we though was working was leading back to park page, adjusted that and working fine.
Answered 06/13/2018 by: TBisel
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