Ok, I have an install sheild exe I want to deploy.....it seems to have no switches though or at least none of the regular installsheild ones seem to work.

I managed to dreate an answer.iss file by running setup.exe /r, I've copied both to a network share and I'm now tring to run a batch file via a managed install to run teh setup.exe and .iss file together silently.  The batchfile works fine when run locally.


When I run the MI othing seems to happen, I know it's starting to run as I get the preinstall notice, kdeploy.log shows :

[Thu Jun 05 12:22:28 2014] KDeploy    LaunchProcess: ERROR returned by KLaunch (2).

[Thu Jun 05 12:22:28 2014] KDeploy    Managed Install FAILED (setup.bat)

[Thu Jun 05 12:24:42 2014] GetFilenameFromReplicationURL: postpended hash not found12:36 05/06/2014

Not sure I'm going about this the right way, if I should be using the scripting tab or if there's something else I've missed.

Thanks, Kevin

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