Need some help.
Trying to deploy APPV5SP3 Client to Windows 7 machines using SCCM 2007 R2.
The Task Sequence deploys .net4.5.1, then the Powershell3, Then a restart, Then the APPV 5Sp3 Client, Then the Client UI. 
After this I am trying to run the Powershell Script to configure the publishing servers, but since SCCM 2007 does not have inbuilt Powershell execution ability, trying to use Powershell.exe and then the commands.
This is not working for me and its failing in the Import-AppvModule.
Tried running each step as separate command line from task Seq. and also tried calling the fill .ps1 script but none seems to work.

Anyone deployed the client using SCCM 2007? How did you managed?
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  • Does your command line have explicit paths to the files it's trying to use?

    Remember that SCCM is using the local System account and will therefore have no network access so any script will need to be copied and executed locally.
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