Just wanted to get some best practices around deploying and maintaining Reader 11 with ConfigMgr 2012.


I'd firstly like to know whether it's more appropriate to use the exe or MSI. Adobe offer both and  don't understand why you'd choose one over the other. I'd like to utilise the Customisation Wizard to make a few changes before deploying.

In terms of deployment, we're currently working on a Windows 7 SOE and I'd like to perform the Adobe Reader installation as part of the ConfigMgr task sequence. The plan was to install the base version (11.0) and maintain the latest version by using SCUP. But in reading the Adobe Enterprise Guide it talks about AIPs as well. So I'm not sure.

Any thoughts?

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Use the MSI, it works better with SCCM as some of the install reporting pops back to SCCM - so you can read the logs etc if something goes wrong. (the msi is prob wrapped in the exe anyway)

The customisation tool is pretty decent and does the job, so do use that tool. Make sure it sets all settings you want it too. Watch out for the online crap too (turn that off).

In regards to the update, use SCUP. So what will happen is Reader will be installed as part of the build, then SCUP later on will update it, like with WSUS etc. 
-You could use a AIP, but its a real pain the ass to maintain and I dont recommened it. If you do decide to do this make sure you read the documentation as Adobe require a certain sequnce to apply the updates.

I think you can use AIP and SCUP together to aviod some unnecessary patching after a build, but i personoally dont think its worth the pain, its just something else to maintain when SCUP already does the work for you.


A side note about Reader, make sure you test out the package with network stored PDF's. There something werid with that, maybe a sandbox securty thats breaks it from displaying properly? It was a long time ago when I saw this issue, just to let you be aware of it.

Answered 11/27/2013 by: rileyz
Red Belt

  • Yes make sure you test opening a PDF's from the local drive network drives internet zone and intranet zone the sandbox can often block PDFs for no apparent reason I disabled it for my deployment
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I'm using the exe to update our enterprise to 11.0.5

I've used the customization wizard to make it silent so far I've had close to 100% success rates upgrading older version with sccm 2012 Cu3

Answered 11/28/2013 by: accesser
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i`m using the msi and a customized mst like so:

msiexec /i acroread.msi TRANSFORMS=yourfilename.mst /qn

Works great.  we are curently leaving the users do there own updates but will need to look into doing it with SCUP.

Answered 11/27/2013 by: KevinViolette
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If you need to install this via SCCM 2012 do the following.

Use powershell to script the install to use the exe that they offer. There is no need for the msi on this one as you will have to constantly keep slip streaming updates into you AIP. 

" adobe11.exe /msi TRANSFORMS=adobe.mst /qn  "   - you will run into issues with the adobe.mst file as it can't reference its current location.

You can use a batch file with the %~dp0 switch or you can use the following poweershell script , build your SCCM application and put the exe , mst and ps1 to the content location and as your program just run your powershell script. 

$scriptpath = $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Path
$dir0 = Split-Path $scriptpath -parent
start-process $dir0\adobe11.exe -ArgumentList "/msi TRANSFORMS=$dir0\adobe.mst /qn" -Wait -NoNewWindow

Answered 03/02/2015 by: geezup
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If you want to use the configuration wizard I'd use the .msi. The wizard will create a transform file (.mst) that sets parameters to your needs. I'm with Accesser on using SCCM to maintain versions.

Answered 12/02/2013 by: jsunderman
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I also use the wizard.  Besides always testing it out on another PC, I aso re-open the msi because it never fails, I have to re-check mark the remove all versions of reader.  Then I save it again or make it generate transform...


I cannot answer for the SCCM push, but, via K1000, I run a second task in the same script for deploying the msp patch this round.  Seems they don't always provide packages the same way so getting a fully packaged installer including patches doesn't seem to be available with 11005.

Answered 12/03/2013 by: worzie
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