I am using the same package I developed for our x86 platform and it works every time, yet it fails for x64 platform.  I am using the following command line;

msiexec /I AcroPro.msi TRANSFORMS="AdobeXI_K2.mst" /qn

Yet if I run it from the machine itself it installs just fine. 

I have read where the MS Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64) is required for Adobe Pro and this is installed as a post installation task.

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  • I think you need that vis c++ installed before the adobe Pro package
  • It gets installed early in the task list, Adobe gets installed last.
  • also, ironically, I think you might the x86 and x64 vis C++. have you tried running the MSI on its own and checking what the GUI throws our, or check the eventvwr to see the error???
  • Nothing in event viewer, installs fine when running it manually.
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Any pre-requisite needs to be installed before the main application. The clue's in the name.

As ever, adding the '/l' (log) argument to your command line will produce a log which will tell you exactly why it's failing.
Answered 09/30/2014 by: VBScab
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I had the same problem and determined the issue causing the failure was in the MSI that is built using the packager.

I ended up making two separate install packages using the Creative Cloud Packager one for 32bit and one for 64bit.   Then I just renamed and copied the 32bit MSI to the build folder of the 64bit package.   I made sure they had unique names like this:

Then I made a batch file that looks like this and put it in the root folder the packager created:

@echo off
start /wait msiexec.exe /i "Exceptions\AcrobatProfessional11.0-mul\AcroPro.msi" EULA_ACCEPT=NO SUITEMODE=1 OWNERSHIP_STATE=1 IGNOREVC10RT=1 LANG_LIST=en_US INSTALLLEVEL=101 AS_DISABLE_LEGACY_COLOR=1 IGNOREAAM=1 TRANSFORMS=Exceptions\AcrobatProfessional11.0-mul\Transforms\en_US.mst /qn
start /wait msiexec.exe /p "Exceptions\AcrobatProfessional11.0-mul\AcrobatUpd11004.msp" /qn
start /wait msiexec.exe /p "Exceptions\AcrobatProfessional11.0-mul\AcrobatSecUpd11005.msp" /qn

IF EXIST "%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%" (goto 64bit) else (goto 32bit)

start /wait msiexec.exe /i "build\AcrobatProXI.msi" /qn

start /wait msiexec.exe /i "build\AcrobatProXI32.msi" /qn

Finally I zipped it up and uploaded it to the KACE

I hope this helps
Answered 09/30/2014 by: bwilkerson
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  • I'll give it a try, thanks for the help.
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