Deploying Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended over Network - issue

Hi all,

I'm hoping anyone can help me with this issue that has plagued me for a few weeks! First of all, here's the details I have:

* Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended - downloaded media from Adobe website
* Creative Suite Deployment Toolkit - again, downloaded from Adobe website
* Installing to Windows XP with SP3

I ran Creative Suite Deployment Toolkit and set it up including our Volume Licensing key and it output some files including the XML files. I double clicked the AdobeUberInstaller.exe file and it got installed without any issue.

However, when I ran it as silent install via our SMS, it always get stuck at Adobe AIR install with the install log from

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Installers\Adobe Photoshop CS4 11.0 09-02-2009.log

with this at the end of the log file:

[ 320] Wed Sep 02 14:12:09 2009 INFO
Checking bootstrapper progress
[ 320] Wed Sep 02 14:12:11 2009 INFO
Checking bootstrapper progress
[ 320] Wed Sep 02 14:12:13 2009 INFO
Checking bootstrapper progress
[ 320] Wed Sep 02 14:12:15 2009 INFO
Checking bootstrapper progress
[ 320] Wed Sep 02 14:12:17 2009 INFO
Checking bootstrapper progress
[ 320] Wed Sep 02 14:12:19 2009 INFO
Checking bootstrapper progress
and so on, with no end in sight.

I have left it more than hour. I also have left it all day, the log file is always full of it. I even "told" Creative Suite Deployment Toolkit not to install Adobe AIR and it still tries to install it anyway. I checked the AdobeUberInstaller.xml file and it has <Action>donotinstall</Action> marked for Adobe AIR. So I'm not even sure why it's trying to install it.

This happens on a PC that has Adobe AIR installed. I tried on another PC where it doesn't have Adobe AIR installed and I still get the same thing.

I'm running out of ideas how to get this to work and this is why I'm here to seek further help from you... help? [:)]

Has anyone seen this issue before and if so, what was the fix to get it to work?

Many thanks,

Tony Sutton

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Answers (6)

Posted by: anonymous_9363 13 years ago
Red Belt
Typical Adobe...we only get part of the information we require. Namely, can a captured certificate be shared amongst all an enterprise's machines? I suspect not but neither the "Help" Desk response, nor the page linked to explains. Indeed, the latter contains a link to a PDF which tells you....nothing about how to disable AIR. Nice.

My advice? If you're not using AIR (is anyone?), disable its installation.
Posted by: pjgeutjens 13 years ago
Red Belt
This might be the same problem I ran into.

The UberInstaller triggers the AdobeAIRInstaller.exe from your payload folder on the network. This causes Windows to view this as executing a file from an "unsafe location" which triggers a Run/Cancel confirmation Dialog.

Hence your installer hangs at this point waiting for input.

I haven't yet found a way to reliably suppress this warning. What I did in the end was take Adobe Air out of the installer. But you could always exclude it from the AdobeUberinstaller and package it seperately. I remember it being said that the AdobeAIRInstaller.exe is actually a wrapper around an MSI.

Hope this helps


EDIT: 6 minutes late, you figured it out :)
Anyway, the link to the other thread is here
Posted by: darkfang 13 years ago
Blue Belt
I didnt have any problem installing Photoshop over SCCM 2007 and like you, I did use Creative Suite Deployment Toolkit to generate my .xml.

Here my .xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Deployment><Properties><Property name="EULA_LANGUAGE">en_US</Property><Property name="INSTALLDIR">C:\Program Files\Adobe</Property><Property name="OS64Bit">0</Property><Property name="defaultLanguage">en_US</Property><Property name="driverAdobeCode">{F3194F56-6FD1-400B-82EA-92A0EEEFFF4A}</Property><Property name="eula_EPIC_EULA_ACCEPTED">1</Property><Property name="eula_EPIC_EULA_SELECTED">0</Property><Property name="installLanguage">en_US</Property><Property name="installSourcePath">C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Installers\faf656ef605427ee2f42989c3ad31b8</Property><Property name="mediaName">Photoshop CS4</Property><Property name="mediaPath">\\Server\PhotoshopCS4_11.0_EN_Adobe\extensions\AdobePhotoshop11-en_US\AdobePhotoshop11-en_US.msi</Property><Property name="mediaType">0</Property><Property name="mediaVolumeIndex">1</Property><Property name="overrideFile">0</Property><Property name="pers_EPIC_SERIAL">0000SeRiAlNuMbEr0000</Property><Property name="serialNumber">0000SeRiAlNuMbEr0000</Property><Property name="sessionID">faf656ef605427ee2f42989c3ad31b8</Property><Property name="setupVersion"></Property></Properties><Payloads><Payload adobeCode="{043A67CA-08C4-4669-A2A1-B03F6D8D509C}"><Action>install</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{064F0D64-1F54-4F4B-953E-BAED5D7E69B2}"><Action>install</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{14A5A29B-D252-4575-B40C-695B8D8B34D5}"><Action>install</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{176894A3-E35F-45C0-98E3-3FB4CD46C0E0}"><Action>install</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{2965A5F0-0326-4479-B140-F5799BD025B7}"><Action>install</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{2B47D5DE-E019-4130-AB69-2DAB4DEEBB0A}"><Action>install</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{3095E614-711B-48D2-BAAF-0CA9D9968F68}"><Action>install</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{395FC443-B34B-4E77-9928-23C147FC83F1}"><Action>install</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{4F3CE025-D60B-4E6B-8D39-B04CD3769008}"><Action>install</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{53560287-20EA-4EB6-9B5C-5B1EC080350A}"><Action>install</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{5C99A447-812B-4531-816B-38F0C8B19F02}"><Action>install</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{603DA164-1FA4-43F4-AD82-0A56206E5BD7}"><Action>install</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{69A6AF34-639F-4AC8-8EFB-86DB91C5E106}"><Action>install</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{6CA25E84-FDC9-4EAE-86A6-FE0697BAF171}"><Action>install</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{73656117-7621-4603-9830-786F7F46F966}"><Action>install</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{79E0F594-E8F3-4930-8EBD-0C7178302EFB}"><Action>install</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{8167335C-8FEA-4576-8EC2-8AC77EC58F19}"><Action>install</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{87809DB4-F038-4C7B-9CA9-FFB6EAE6042F}"><Action>install</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{87C4EC3E-47F0-4287-A436-9ADA103E05E9}"><Action>install</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{9907B3BB-23CD-424E-B18F-A2E158D4B6D0}"><Action>install</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{9DFDAC02-972C-4A6A-9419-AD702DC40EC6}"><Action>install</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{A9A71A55-3C8A-4DCD-8291-1F4B749627C9}"><Action>install</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{AB8E4534-C573-4CC9-BA6A-76DD14055510}"><Action>install</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{CFCD7AD2-150A-4194-BA98-4C59850A0F98}"><Action>install</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{D95B5192-2606-4176-893B-7B6704D2605B}"><Action>install</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{F3194F56-6FD1-400B-82EA-92A0EEEFFF4A}"><Action>install</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{0967604F-33E6-4C6B-934B-157C3AB4ED4C}"><Action>donotinstall</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{31FC14DD-7641-4BEB-B5D1-9976F99AF956}"><Action>donotinstall</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{3CD02B3D-9EEE-4786-95A8-73E7BA8558CA}"><Action>donotinstall</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{490F274E-689A-4ECF-AC3E-322347ED7613}"><Action>donotinstall</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{6743AE49-4594-4CAE-807C-27682446F498}"><Action>donotinstall</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{8AD0C0B9-B397-45FE-89A3-D42F95F6E9EF}"><Action>donotinstall</Action></Payload><Payload adobeCode="{CBC8AB3C-85F0-4D16-8E01-95E0343EE383}"><Action>donotinstall</Action></Payload></Payloads></Deployment>

If you want to try it, don't forget to modify mediaPath, pers_EPIC_SERIAL and serialNumber
Posted by: tsutton 13 years ago
Orange Belt
Thanks for the reply. I compared my xml file with yours and looks very similar apart from that I use 32 bit while yours is 64 bit but I don't think it makes any difference.

I had a search around here and I think I may have figured out the issue - Adobe AIR pops up with a prompt window, asking if you want to run it or cancel it - obviously with it being a silent install, you don't see it, but it's in the background.

I think that may be the cause that I am seeing but I could be wrong... needs to research a bit more.

Posted by: tsutton 13 years ago
Orange Belt
Thanks for the reply, PJ - it's starting to make sense now.

Perhaps I should write a small VBS file where it copies the whole setup over to a local drive i.e. drive C and launch the setup from there. This should work as it's bering run from local drive and not from network point.

I did exclude it while creating the XML file from CSDT as mentioned in my 1st post, it still launches it anyway which is odd and could be a bug.

I'll try removing the Abobe AIR out of the installer and get it run after the main setup is done. If no luck, I'll do the local drive method.

Will update later when I get something working.

Posted by: tsutton 13 years ago
Orange Belt
Hi all,

I received this e-mail from Adobe directly, so I thought I'd share this with you all for future ref.

Air needs to contact Adobe to get a certificate. I would recommend not installing this as part of the suite and push out seperately. At any rate, if you AIR remotely, you will need to set the proxy to allow for the certification process. The other option might to create a snapshot of Air with the certificate already in place.

Here is KB article on it http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/408/kb408168.html

Thanks all.
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