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Hi - I am working on a project where I will need to deploy the Microsoft Azure Remote App via SCCM. I am having a very hard time packaging this application and am looking for suggestions. I have captured all of the files from my %appdata% and I can run it manually. 

I am not sure how to turn this into an MSI so I can deploy with SCCM. 

The App can Be accessed here: https://www.remoteapp.windowsazure.com/ClientDownload/Windows.aspx

I have tried to use the Web App selection when creating an application in MSI 
I have also tried running it through APP-V Sequencer and deploying an APP-V Package  (with a dependency on APP-V application)

In both cases the deployment shows it succeeds but nothing actually gets installed for me to run?

Please help me package this app. 
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  • click to run should be a LOT easier, but they aren't. I am doing one now for a client in Finland. If you have SCCM you can use the 'limited' version of Flexera AdminStudio to capture the install and make an MSI. If you do it in App-V you will probably find some of the files have been excluded. so, modify your sequencer to NOT exclude anything from LocalAppData. good luck
  • Did you ever get this going? Just curious.

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Using a Virtual Win 7 x86 box, i went and ran the installer from the site.  While the installer took place, navigate to %temp% and look for the files that it drops there.  There will be a "deployment" folder that shows up.  Inside here there will be 2 more folders:  A0GWPKRT.Q8M and TPY28NY1.80D
When you click "Install" it will begin to drop another sub-folder in the A0GWPKRT.Q8M
This is where all the primary files/folders will drop to during the "Install".  Once the installer gets to about 14.6MB in size, copy this folder off to the desktop. 
Now that i have done this, I run Installshield and create a custom .msi file.  This will drop all files/folders into the INSTALLDIR.  I will then create a shortcut that points to rdclient.exe.application file and put this in the START menu. 
Launching without error on a clean VM as an MSI. 
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