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I am setting up Kace to scan for dell upgrades and apply them as necessary. 90% of them are coming back with 'error' but I cannot find an error log to look in to the issue. Anyone have any advice on this?
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  • I could be wrong, but there is no error log for Dell Patches\Updates, only for Windows Patches.

    I know the agent tries to run a DELL tool called InvColPC_8.0.1.3.exe or something like that, you may want to look for what to determine if at least the agent tried to run your Driver\BIOS update.

    Also, if your BIOS is password protected, that may prevent dell updates from happening.

    I would suggest narrow it down, and try to locate that dell update that fails (BIOS, or an specific driver), and run it manually from the device's Desktop, see if that works

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