I would like to delete a large amout of users from our Kbox Service Desk (10K+). Using the delete option from the user tab will not be an option because of how long it would take. Has anyone deleted accounts using a custom ticket rule? or see a problem with deleting users using a custom ticket rule?


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  • In general we don't delete users since they may be tied to something, Asset, helpdesk tickets. That could cause a problem down the road for reporting and may generate outbound tickets for those closed ticket.

    I haven't used a rule or anything but from experience deleting has been bad after using the box for 6 years. So much is tied to an account or could be.
  • Do you delete computer inventory records?
    • The accounts we are wanting to delete have no ties to the computer inventory. They are mainly email spam that created accounts over the years or users that were imported in that were only used for service desk but not tied to computers.
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  • Just curious are there performance issues you are experiencing or are you trying to dump the junk to clean things up a bit?
    • Yes, that is one of the main reason we are trying this. When opening any existing ticket or any new ticket the page starts loading but slows down when populating the CC and submitter fields on the page. We have applied patches from Kace to help with this but it is still very slow. We are trying other options to assist with performance.
  • Here is a really crazy suggestion, not tested, and probably a really quick way to mess up your Kbox; did I mention I don't recommend this, or support this.

    Again I don't recommend this.

    I believe if you create a custom service desk ticket rule with the appropriately crafted SQL targeting that table, you might be able to nuke lots of records quickly.

    If I was in this situation I would probably just hire an intern to manually delete them.
    • I am still not sure how we will handle this. Just testing out how fast it takes our system to delete users. 1 user 20 secs, 2 users 30 secs, 3 users 45 secs. The more we pick the longer it takes. Picking 100ish takes a really long time and for the system to process this. Also not having a advance search for users makes this even harder.
  • Have you contacted support? Perhaps they can assist.
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