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I am trying to get a BIOS WOL Enable and S5 disabled script to run on all my machines. I'm testing on my machine at the moment and I am encountering some problems.

I can run the exe locally and it will not work using my domain creditials that are a part of the local administrators group.
I can run the script using the run as local admin credentials and it will run and work properly. There is a txt file that shows it ran successfuly and I can check the BIOS for the changes.
When I run it from the K1000 the script completes but the changes are not made and the txt file isn't created.

How do I get the script to run as a local admin on Win XP/7 machines using this method?



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I have figured out my mistake. I was setting my dependencies up correctly but I didn't set my policy/job rules. Once I got the pathing correct and the rules in place it works like a champ.

Answered 05/10/2012 by: ztcraig
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For an Online KScript or Shell Script, you can choose Run As and the fourth option allows you to manually enter the user the script will run under.  You can try putting in the local admin and password to see if that fixes the problem.  Generally, it will run properly as System if it runs as the local admin, but sometimes UAC can get in the way.

Answered 05/10/2012 by: philologist
Red Belt

  • I have selected the Run As User: and given the proper admin credentials.
  • The script will return as completed regardless of the outcome for the script itself as long as the KACE runs it. Try directing the output of the script to a log file to see if it encounters any errors..
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I have dccu running on my systems and only had to specifiy the admin account for win 7 x64. What version of dccu ar eyou using?


Answered 05/10/2012 by: ckubaska
Fourth Degree Brown Belt

  • bad typo....what version of dccu are you using. I'm using 2.0
  • I am using v2.0.1.
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