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I have created a custom report for our laptops and desktops, it includes Ship Date, Dell Service Tag, System Name, and User Logged. When I run the report the results include multiple lines for the same user (see screenshot). I would understand the results if there was different information to display but it's all the same. Why is it doing that and how do I get it to only display one result per user? (hashtags and asterisks are for privacy) 

Choices for the first step in the wizard (1st ss), then I checked the fields to display and chose the Column Order then the Sort and Breaks (2nd ss), lastly, I did not add any Filters.

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  • did you use sql or the wizard to create. can you post the report itself the results do not help troubleshoot it
  • I used the wizard. Does that make a difference? I will edit the post to include some of my choices.
    • it helps to know to answer for the wizard or sql

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swap the device and dell warranty on the first page, choose tag from device, there can be multiple warranties and the ship date is tied to everyone.

Answered 02/25/2019 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • if you export as pdf or csv like you did the ship date will be there visible also
  • With this suggestion I was able to make adjustments and get what I needed. Thank you.