Hello All,

I am having trouble finding a custom report that fits my needs. I am in need of a report that will do the following:

  • Allow me to specify a date range of tickets
  • Allow me to specify the queue number
  • Calculate the response time of the ticket owner by comparing the time the ticket was created and the time that the assigned owner (not just any technician) replied via comment
  • Calculate the average response time of each owner based on ticket responses for each ticket in the specified date range
  • Report the output as Owner > Number of Tickets > Average Response Time

I had a previously working query that was generously created by another user here, but after upgrading the KBOX software to version 5.4, it no longer works. My SQL capabilities are not strong enough to sort out the issue and a previous request for help modifying the current query was met with no responses.

Any help that can be offered by those that posses the skills needed to generate such a query would be most greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help offered.

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