Trying to integrate OME with K1000 V7.  Problem happens when the K1000 checks for a message, it is generating an error where the main information seems to be "CUSTOM_FIELD_VALUE0 is not a member variable"  m, I'll include the full error from the mail log below.  I followed the instructions in the technote on Integrating OME and KACE and I have checked that all variables on the OME alert are valid.  Any ideas?

Message from Service Desk Incoming Mail Error Log:

[2017-04-20 12:32:36 -0500] PHP Error: Uncaught exception 'RowValuesOutOfBoundsException' with message '{KTicket}: CUSTOM_FIELD_VALUE0 is not a member variable' in /kbox/kboxwww/include/RowValues.class.php:230
Stack trace:
#0 /kbox/kboxwww/include/RowValues.class.php(151): RowValues->_CompleteVarname('CUSTOM_FIELD_VA...')
#1 /kbox/kboxwww/include/RowValues.class.php(96): RowValues->Get('CUSTOM_FIELD_VA...')
#2 /kbox/kboxwww/include/KTicket.class.php(1593): RowValues->__call('GetCustomFieldV...', NULL)
#3 /kbox/kboxwww/include/KTicket.class.php(1530): KTicket->__call('GetCustomFieldV...')
#4 /kbox/kboxwww/include/KTicketUI.class.php(2357): KTicket->GetCustomFieldValue(0)
#5 /kbox/kboxwww/include/KHelpDeskMailTemplate.class.php(203): KTicketUI::GetReadOnlyTicket(Object(KTicket), true)
#6 /kbox/kboxwww/include/KHelpDeskMailTemplate.class.php(498): KHelpDeskMailTemplate::ApplyTemplate(Object(KTicketQueue), 'email_ticket_ac...', 'helpdesk@domain...', '52', Array, Object(KTicket), false, false)
#7 /kbox/bin/khelpdeskmailhandler/include/KHelpDeskMailHand in /kbox/kboxwww/include/RowValues.class.php on line 230

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  • I've never worked with OME. Can you link to the instructions you used? Can you describe what exactly the integration should do?
    • Thanks for looking. I used the following to set up the configuration, http://www.itninja.com/question/integrating-the-k1000-with-dell-ome

      The basic premise is that OME is used to monitor the servers. If anything critical happens on a server it sends a trap to the OME server. The OME server then generates an email that goes to a helpdesk queue/mailbox that the K1000 monitors. The K1000 reads the email and generates a ticket for the issue.
      At this point, everything works fine until the K1000 tries to read the email and it generates the log message above.
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