How do you reference a duplicate file in the DuplicateFiles table in a custom action? I've created a custom action to run an exe during install but I'm not sure in my custom action how I reference the correct file in the Source column in the CustomAction table.
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  • As the .exe in question is in the file table, and being duplicated to another location in the DuplicateFilesTable - can you reference the original file in your CA, or does it have to run from the duplicated location?
    • I need to run it from the duplicated location. This is a vendor msi that includes a couple of different folders containing drivers. The exe I want to run is dpinst (x64).exe. It does not exist in one of the driver folders and I haven't been successful in running it from the original location and pointing it to the other location. I think this is because it is at the same directory level.

      If there is not a way to run the file from the duplicated location I think I will just move the original up one level and point it to the two directories.
  • Could you build a Property using the destination folder and filename and use the property in your CA? It's not something I've had to do, and I'd probably be inclined to drop a 'actual' copy of dpinst into whatever folder needs it as part of the MST.
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