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We have tickets with different priorities and critical tickets are singled out to always notify regardless of the business hours or holidays.  Even if we start updating these critical tickets the notifications are sent out.  This fills our inboxes with escalation notices.  So is there a way to acknowledge that alert and suppress it without changing the priority?  Currently the only way to stop the alerts is to change the priority...
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Short answer is no. Generally a high priority implies that the issue needs to be resolved in a very short amount of time. If the issue is not going to be resolved then the priority should change. You could make a another priority called something like High - Acknowledged, I guess.

If you are using a custom rule to send the notification then you could also add an acknowledged checkbox and only send the notification of it is unchecked.

Answered 02/28/2017 by: chucksteel
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  • That's what I thought the answer would be. I have had technicians complain that while they are working on the ticket they get notified over and over again. I am using the standard rules to send notifications. I guess they will just have to solve the issue faster :) Thank you.