Hello, I would like to try figure out how to pull a report on a specific group of users. Basically I would like to pull a report that tracks the user not the system. This way dispite changes to the systems I know exactly what computer a user group is on.  

Thsi will be for following my pilot group so if they have a different system my pilot deployments will always go to the right people. 

Any ideas on how to do this would be great.  Thanks

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  • There are many scripts around which will walk an OU, interrogate the machines therein and give you a list of the users logged in to them. It should be easy enough to check the user profile folders, too, to cater for when there is no user logged in when the script runs (because, of course, your users log off every night, right?)
  • Do you want a report of what systems users have logged into? You can use the asset history tables to determine that.
  • What I am looking for is to build a group by users. This group of users will be my pilot deployment group each time I roll out a new piece of software. The problem is if they get upgraded I might not know this happened and target the wrong machine. I wanted to be able to make a report that would allow me to know what machine each user has.
  • How would like Use the asset history?
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