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I was wondering if anyone has had success creating a ticket through the KACE API? I've written an application that connects successfully and sends a POST through an HttpWebResponse, but a ticket is not being created in my environment.  I receive a status code of 'OK'   and a response stream of '{\"Result\":\"Success\",\"IDs\":[]}"' from the response, which leads me to believe that the request was successful. I've read over the documentation and can't seem to come up with a solution. Perhaps the body of my request is incorrect? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I document how to do this with Powershell in my community module here:


Here is a valid JSON body for submitting a ticket and an example on how to submit with Powershell.

    "Tickets":  [
                        "custom_4":  "value to populate custom field 4 with",
                        "submitter":  1,
                        "hd_queue_id":  1,
                        "category":  1234,
                        "title":  "My Title",
                        "custom_1":  "value to populate custom field 1 with"
$NewTicket = @{
'Tickets' = @(
'title' = "My Title"
'hd_queue_id' = 1 # ID of desired queue
'submitter' = 1 # ID of submitter
"custom_1" = 'value to populate custom field 1 with'
"custom_4" = 'value to populate custom field 4 with'
"category" = 1234 # ID of category to set

New-SmaServiceDeskTicket -Server 'https://kace.example.com' -Credential (Get-Credential) -Body $NewTicket
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