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We are new KACE Service Desk clients and one thing we are looking into is using parent/child structures to create task punchlists, etc (i.e: Documentation task w/ several sub tickets).  It would be nice to have a custom view whereby you could filter out all of the child tickets so that in your queue view you are only looking at the "real" or more Project level tickets, and not the sub-tasks.  

Does anyone know how to create a custom view to filter out the child tickets?  I reviewed the available fields and doing a "Title" does "not include" "Child" does not seem to work.  Is this because the "Child" identifier is not actually a part of the Title, even thow it shows up after it is made a child?

Any help is appreciated, and thanks in advance for your comments.


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How adept are you at modifying through MYSQL?  I've discovered that if you make a custom view, and then open it up in the mysql database (SELECT * FROM HD_TICKET_FILTER) then you can modify the tables it pulls data from.  Then you just take the ticket rule you made, and modify it to pull from the data table you want.  I think in this case the table you are looking for is HD_TICKET.IS_PARENT with a value of 1 if it is the parent. 

Then your SQL (put into a ticket rule to run insert into statements) should look:

INSERT INTO HD_TICKET_FILTER (ID, USER_ID, NAME, FIND_FIELDS) VALUES ('incrementingvalue', '1365', '"Open" Tickets Only', 'a:13:{s:7:"WFIELD5";s:19:"HD_TICKET.IS_PARENT";s:11:"EXP_SELECT5";s:6:"EQUALS";s:6:"INPUT5";s:8:"1";s:13:"UNION_SELECT6";s:3:"AND";s:7:"WFIELD6";s:14:"HD_STATUS.NAME";s:11:"EXP_SELECT6";s:9:"NOT_EQUAL";s:6:"INPUT6";s:12:"Consolidated";s:13:"UNION_SELECT7";s:3:"AND";s:7:"WFIELD7";s:14:"HD_STATUS.NAME";s:11:"EXP_SELECT7";s:9:"NOT_EQUAL";s:6:"INPUT7";s:6:"Closed";s:13:"UNION_SELECT8";s:1:"0";s:11:"FILTER_NAME";s:12:"Open Tickets";}'),

I should add that you would have to change the other values, to meet your custome view name, and to match the USER ID you are trying to push the custom view to.  (You can find using SELECT * FROM USER)

I've played around a lot with this and am still waiting to hear back if these values can equal fields that aren't available on the custom view wizard.  But in theory, this is how it would look.

another way, since I'm not 1000% sure the above will work without the custom field value, you can modify the queue layout and make one of your custom views hidden to user, yet it runs a query (in value, you would place query: select HD_TICKET.IS_PARENT from HD_TICKET where HD_TICKET.IS_PARENT = '1') and it would place that value within the ticket, hidden to users.  Then you should be able to select that value in the custom view field.

Answered 04/29/2013 by: Wildwolfay
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  • Thanks for the hints. Not very SQL adept at this point, and was hoping for a more out of the box solution, but I do thank you for your feedback and will keep this in mind. I appreciate it.
    • As a wise KACE Proservices worker told me once:
      Know nothing of SQL, and KACE will work great.
      Master SQL, master the KACE appliance.

      I wish there was an easier GUI answer, but adding the custom field of IS_PARENT and having it in the custom view list (value 1 or 0) looks to be your best option.

      a QUICK fix (and this may be ugly) is to just add a tag (CHILD) at the end of your child ticket title and then use advanced search to just find those that have (CHILD) in the title and are in an OPEN state.
      • Will sight in on the SQL - good advice and thanks for the tips.
  • Thanks alot for the help.
    • I'd be COMPLETELY lost if it wasn't for this place, so whatever little bit I can give with what little knowledge I have I am going to try :) Good luck!