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How can I create a report from Service Desk queue id (10) which gives me all tickets submitted by customers from the different departments (Location?). I am new to KACE and know nothing about SQL. I am trying to use Flyspeed to visually build queries but it is not giving me what I want.

I used the Report Wizard, that did give me the result I wanted but in excel the information for individual users was across two or three columns, which is not very helpful. See example of excel output below:

The output I would like is 
    User - Ticket No 


Thank you in advance
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  • What are you going to use the report for? I'm guessing that you generated the report and broke on the Location column, so that is the output I would expect to see in Excel. If you generated an HTML report you would get a list of the locations with an arrow to expand each one to view the group.
  • Helo Chucksteel and thanks for getting back to me. It is a report for senior management who want to see what tickets have been submitted by the different departments. Even the HTML version is of no use. I need the information all on one row and not across two or more.

    • Using just a SQL statement that isn't really possible. You would need to use another tool to format the report, perhaps something like Crystal Reports or even Access. You can enable Off-Box DB access under Settings, Security Settings.
  • Hello Chucksteel, I am using flyspeed to connect to the back end of KACE but cannot find name of the table for locations. Do you have any idea what this will be called?
    • Locations are an asset type, in particular they are asset type 1. If you just need the location name, then you can join to the asset table using USER.LOCATION_ID = ASSET.ID. If you want additional information for the asset it will be in ASSET_DATA_1.

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