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I want to creat a script to install windows 10 and application such as google chrome, jave, adobe reader, and other softwares that we install in each new computer.

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  • That could be possible, but not easy.

    Also KACE offers an Imaging Solution, KACE SDA (formerly known as K2000).

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The easiest way to do this, as you are probably on a tight timescale before windows 7 is EOL, is to engage pro services. Or to put it simply, don't put the effort in to build a bus, just get on one that someone has already built and is doing the job......

We have spent the last 9 months building these scripts so that customers with your requirements can engage for a short period of time, and get all they need to drive the upgrade program. I know that is not the answer you are looking for from the Ninja community, but it may be the most cost effective decision for you.

Check out #TenFourTen, on here and LinkedIn, and get in touch to see how we can get this sorted quickly and easily for you.

Answered 08/02/2019 by: Hobbsy
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