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Hello all!

I'm very new to powershell scripting. I was working on a issue to try and speed up our patching process.  I'm trying to create a script that can be executed at the end of the Windows OS Security patching for the Patch & NoReboot groups to send the reboot needed emails.  The script should take the list of patched servers from the current run and then email the owners that the patching is complete and they need to reboot. We usually have to send out many many emails one at a time, that can sometimes take a couple hours, just to ask people to reboot their servers. Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated. 


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Google that shizzle my friend!

A few things to keep in mind. 
  • The PowerShell version you are using, some cmdlets wont work in older versions of PS.
  • How you send your email, via exchange etc.
  • How will you get the script to run at the end of patching, is there a way to tack it on at the end?
  • Whos owns the server, how will the dynamic email work? Maybe stored the server owner in the registry and the script will pull it. Or have a CSV and get the script to match the server name in the csv to the email address.
Tips for a noob: start small with the PowerShell ISE and build up the script.

Another solution, talk to a secretary (male or female of course) and get the them to help you make a mail merge!

Answered 08/31/2016 by: rileyz
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