I know there is a full dedicated section to doing WOL but I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to configure it as a "machine action". I find myself frequently needing to wake machines and it would be nice to be able to do it from the inventory section and not have to go to the WOL area each time.



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Sure, with third party software (which can be called via command line) to perform the WOL action from the machine you use to trigger the actions. You can configure anything as a machine action as long as it's a valid command on the computer you're on when you trigger it. You're going to be stuck using Internet Explorer though.

Answered 05/10/2013 by: airwolf
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  • Thanks for the info. I created an action but when I did it the dos prompt opened and closed instantly, so I will need to find one that allows for me to type in the information.
    • What information are you needing to type? You can automate the action using variables.
      • how so? If I need to provide a Mac, IP and mask, how do i add all three things to the end of the command?
      • Well, the only one of those three that exists as a built-in variable for Actions is the IP - which is KACE_HOST_IP. For the other two, you'd just need to setup custom inventory rules and you can use those as variables in the Action. You'd end up with something like this (depending on how you name your custom inventory rules):

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  • Just as an FYI you can use Chrome or FireFox with IE emulators. Your KACE pages will be running in embedded IE, but you still get to do everything else with your browser of choice.
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Unless you have your router configured to pass braodcasts the machine you are trying to preform the action from needs to be on the same subnet as the target.

Answered 05/13/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
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I set this up with WakeMeOnLan (http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/wake_on_lan.html).

The machine action is "\\server\sharepath\WakeMeOnLan\WakeMeOnLan.exe" /wakeup KACE_HOST_IP

The bummer about using a 3rd party utility is there has to be a reference file with MACS & IPs. So in this case you have to manually scan your subnets so they are stored in the .cfg file. But it works.

Answered 05/14/2013 by: jegolf
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  • Hmmm. Since you can scan from command line you could set up scripts to fire off periodically and do so to keep your .cfg file updated. Just tested the command below and it worked. I may do that...

    WakeMeOnLan.exe /scan /UseIPAddressesRange 1 /IPAddressFrom /IPAddressTo
  • just getting to reading this now-I do see that I can do the scan from the command line. I will play with this and report back.

    Thanks all!
  • Update-I tried it one one machine and it appears to work! For reference, I had to change settings in IE which are outlined her


    Thanks to everyone who assisted with this.
  • I reviewed the info above and tried: "\\server\sharepath\WakeMeOnLan\WakeMeOnLan.exe" /wakeup KACE_HOST_IP and with KACE_MAC_ADDRESS, etc. but will not work as the wakemeonlan.exe doesn't know how to handle the "KACE" parameter...any ideas? I also get IE pop-up regarding the setting but they are configured as noted in the link above.
    • The Kace parameter will only work when launched from a machine action. I would say double check those IE settings to make sure nothing was missed as it shouldn't be blocked from running...
      • do you know what is the correct parameter for WOL within kace when using as machine action for a specific machine? KACE_xxx
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