I'm creating a Help Desk form for my users so that they can request to add new hardware to the inventory. I've given them the options of desktop, laptop, printer, etc. Is there a way I can define a conditional field based upon that selection? If they choose Server, can I then present a drop-down for Backup, File, Print, Web, etc, or if they choose Printer then have the options of Laser, Ink Jet, Stand Alone, etc?

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Conditional drop downs are pretty simple. Below I have root categories of Account Management and Hardware. If a User selects Account Management, they will have conditional options that include Create, Modify, Password Reset, Remove and Termination.

The important thing to remember is the syntax - RootField::ConditionalField

You can cascade a couple of levels deep.

A quick subset of our configuration is like this:

Account Management::Create
Account Management::Modify
Account Management::Password Reset
Account Management::Remove
Account Management::Termination
Hardware::Choose Category
Hardware::Desktop::Choose Category
Hardware::Laptop::Choose Category
Hardware::Loaner::Choose Category
Answered 12/12/2012 by: matthall
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  • This looks exactly like what I want to do. Where on the Customization page am I able to define this? I have some customized fields and I have some values but I don't see where to establish a condition based on a selection. Thanks for the help guys!
  • Go into Queue Configuration and click on "Customize Fields and Layout." In the customization screen, you will see some default values - Software, Hardware, Network and Other. All the way on the right hand side of the screen you will see a green "+" symbol. If you click that, it will open a field for your new entry.

    Supply the name of the field using the syntax I provided before.

    Root Level, for example, could be Hardware
    First conditional field, for example, could be Hardware::Keyboard
    Second coniditional field could be Hardware::Mouse

    If you want to edit or remove the four default entries, you can click on the symbol that looks like a paper and pencil. Alternatively, you can click on the garbage can to delete them.

    NOTE!!!! - Anytime you make changes, make sure you save at the bottom of the screen. People have spent hours building out their layout only to not save it... Dont be that guy.
  • This syntax only works for the Category field. I think that AndrewQ wants this kind of functionality in the other custom fields and I don't believe that is possible, unless it was added in 5.4.
  • Entirely correct. At this point, only the category field can be tiered. It may be a good "5.5" feature request.
  • That makes sense now. That's why I haven't been able to get it working correctly as yet. Thanks for all the help guys. Appreciate it.
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The fields are completely customizable, you can enter multiple fields. Say you have an equipment field, you can now have a field that is for Laptops or Desktops.

Answered 12/12/2012 by: matt.may
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