I don't know if this is a feature or not, but is there a way to create conditional fields within a ticket? 

For example, we have a queue for employee onboarding. The details on each employee ticket differ depending on location [e.g. they are based in the US and have one set of required information whereas employees in EMEA would have another).  Right now I have all of the possible options present with none required, but this presents a clutter issue as well as certain fields being skipped.  

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I think your best bet may be to employ the processes within the service desk and have a few different custom queues for the different locations. Each queue with the fields you want for that location. Then when you establish your processes you can have a different process for each location that would use a ticket from each different queue. KACE support might have more for you on this, but that's how I would tackle this.

Answered 04/30/2013 by: GeekSoldier
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  • Thanks for the help. I was hoping to avoid multiple processes for, for lack of a better term, "idiot control." We don't initiate the processes in IT; another department starts it and the more processes there are, the more chances there are for making mistakes. But since conditional fields are only an option in the Category section, I think separate processes is the only thing that really makes sense. I appreciate your input!
    • If I were you I'd log this into UserVoice. I can definitely see the benefit for the sort of thing you're trying to do. It also seems that KACE is all about making improvements to the Help Desk.
    • I'm actually in the same boat for this when it comes to us having processes for new employee hire steps. I'm working, as we speak, to build a query: within the custom fields to show our software for them to select and then submit the ticket and thus gives us a dynamic list of software.

      Learning that you can make SQL INSIDE the custom fields has opened a LOT of options. Just put "Query: " then enter your SQL.
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There isn't a condtional aspect to the KBOX based on a dropdown selection. In the past we have created different processes for each job title. In your case you can create two processes for US and EMEA and based on where the users are going to be the person(s) responsible for triggering the process selects the correct one. 

We have one for a law firm (Lawyers, Paralegals, Administrative Assistants...etc)

Answered 04/30/2013 by: nshah
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  • I think what he's trying to get at is if he drops down to a specific category or sub category, it will change the fields that are displayed and required from that point going forward. Without creating different queues and processes I don't know how you'd get that done without hijacking the SQL within your KBOX.
  • Their comments made sense but the KBOX doesn't do that so we had to create a work around like i described based on their job title or in their case county. maybe dell pro service, who have root access, can do something in the back end that is custom for their needs.
  • There is some SQL stuff you can do to modify certain aspects of a process (like pulling manually entered information from a parent ticket and replicating it in a child ticket), but not get it to do what we'd like it to do in the ticket layout. I did submit it to UserVoice, but we'll just have to go with multiple processes right now. Thanks!
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You need to create custom ticket rules in the Queues where the child tickets are going to go to close the tickets that are not used.

In the example below if custom field 10 is empty in the parent ticket then the child ticket will be closed.
I have another rule in a different queue that will close the ticket if a different custom field is empty.


select C.ID, C.HD_QUEUE_ID,
where P.HD_QUEUE_ID = 9
and C.HD_QUEUE_ID = 8


and C.HD_QUEUE_ID = 8
and P.HD_QUEUE_ID = 9

P = Parent Ticket
C = Child Ticket
Queue 9 = where parent ticket is
Queue 8 = where child ticket is

The last line in the select statement ensures that it will only close tickets the first 5 seconds of ticket creation. Don't think it's needed but it's an extra safeguard.

Rule is set up in queue 8
Answered 09/11/2014 by: h2opolo25
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