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Hi Everyone I am needed some help with a best practice on what to do with the computer for employees who have left the company.  We have been making note say the computer is no longer in use at the moment.  We don't want to remove kace from the computer because if they do end up using the computer, the user won't contact us to let us know the computer is in use again.  So my question is what do you do with computers that are no longer being used but don't want to remove kace from them.  Any help or guidance would be great.  
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  • Do you still want that computer to checkin whenever its back in use?

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Configure the MIA settings. (Missing in action).

This puts the computers that have missed several inventory

updates to be put into a catalogue of machines that are

missing in action. They are grouped into the time since they have

not checked into kace.

Read the admin guide. Search "MIA" in the guide. Its pretty straight forward.

Answered 07/12/2018 by: akmagnum
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Adding to akmagnum's answer below - you can also change the asset status to reserved or in stock for your reports
Answered 07/13/2018 by: Keltonfoss
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