I am attempting to create a silent unattended install for Interwoven 8.0 Hotfix 5. This is a full blown application that promapts for User Name, Organization, Serial Number and custom setup options. This is a Install Shiled setup calling a MSI file. I could do with assistance in determing addditional variables that the MSI could utilize by command prompt. The steps leading up to this point are as follows:

My first steps were to create a MST file using the Wise Install Tailor. This workerd for the most part but at the end when prompted to save the MST, Install Tailor hangs, never completes. The MST is written but does not work when called. I have seen this many a times but yet to find the cause of this hang.

Second step was to use Wise Setup Capture, but that also has issues.

So researching this further I looked up availalbe variables that I could pass to the MSI when called from the following command line:

Setup.exe /s /L<UILanguageID> /v"/qn SERIALNUMBER="xxxxx-xxxxxxx" LANGUAGE="<ProductLanguage>""

This works like a champ. I will like to pass the rest of the prompts like USERNAME, ORZANIZATION and addition Custom setup data to using the above command line. The only problem is that I cannot figure out what exact variables could be utilized. So I got digging into the MSI using the WISE MSI editor trying to find these variables. To be quiet honest I did not know where to look...this is where your expertise could benefit my search.

How do I know what variables can be passed to an MSI? I have contacted the vendor but waiting on an answer. There must be something I could do in order to determine these additional variables.


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Best bet would be to open the MSI file in Wise/Orca and view the Property table. This may help.
Answered 03/02/2005 by: brenthunter2005
Fifth Degree Brown Belt

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I would agree with Hunter since whatever you pass thru command line are properties of the MSI, so if you take a look at the property table using ORCA or browsing thru Wise Property table , you might come across the properties that you wish to pass via command line.

Regards and Best Wishes,
Answered 03/02/2005 by: wiseapp
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The only thing I'd add for "completeness" (if that's a word), is that only "public" properties can be used from the command line - those are the uppercase ones.
Answered 03/02/2005 by: WiseUser
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I've found that if you're using Wise, and the properties you need to change aren't obvious to you in the properties table, you can start digging through the dialog box editor and seeing what properties those fields are populating. It has helped me find some obscure properties with a couple applications. Anything in all caps can be changed from command line, anything else may need to be changed with an MST.
Answered 03/08/2005 by: KevJLaw
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All is to do is, using Dialog editor(In WIse package studio), get the names of control where the values we r passing in full UI mode, that all control names will be in CAPS only,That is Public property. just use those names as command line property & try to pass values over there.Like USERNAME,COMPANYNAME or PIDKEY
Answered 03/10/2005 by: jimehta
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I noticed that only public properties can be used on the commandline.
Answered 03/12/2005 by: totoymola
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