Is there a way another ticket owner can close someone else's ticket without taking ownership?

I manage a service desk team.  Sometimes I see items where I want to add a comment and close a ticket my team is working on.

There are also times when one tech is covering for another tech during vacations and days off and they have to tidy up open items.  I don't want the tech that did the majority of the work to loose credit for the case.

As it is now, one has to take ownership of the ticket in order to close it and that is skewing my metrics.

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  • Just adding comments should not mean taking ownership. Depending on how your system is setup and what rights you have granted to your staff, every member of a group should be able to see and comment on one anothers tickets without ownership changing. Our desk is setup so that when anyone comments on a ticket the currently assigned owner gets an email and kace records the name of the person that commented but the ticket remains with the owner.
    • I think he's more concerned about being able to close the ticket rather than comment on the ticket without switching the Owner.
      • JF,

        Exactly. For instance I have someone on vacation this week and we have at least 12 tickets where the end user responded that they were all set.

        I do not want him to lose credit for the work by assigning it to myself just to close them up. It will reduce his metrics and I will have to fire him for being a slacker :)
      • I don't think you can accomplish this with KACE currently; there is a current request for it here (sort of - it's for multiple owners): https://kace.uservoice.com/forums/82699-k1000/suggestions/3061075-allow-multiple-owners-for-a-ticket (sorry, can't link it for you), but it only has one vote. Additionally, you could, I suppose, create a new feature request.
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