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I'm just wondering what's the best way of obtaining reports or statuses of scheduled scripting actions to see successes, failures, stalls..etc..etc. It's really evident on how to do this when it's a Run Once scripting action; not so much when it's scheduled. I've reviewed the below link and the comments from user 'dugullett' and while it makes sense, it's sometimes not easy to make out the results.


For instance; I have a daily scheduled action to run against 100 systems at 2:00 PM every day. When I generate a SQL Report (using similar code from the above link), it's difficult to understand why I only see about 45/100 systems running the script action and getting a myriad of different status codes.

Is there a better way of obtaining the status results or is the comments from 'dugullett' at the attached link my best option?

Thanks for all of your continuing patience and advice!

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  • I think that the referenced post is your best lead. I agree that the KACE reporting on scheduled scripts isn't the best. Hopefully someone else will reply with a report they have developed that fits the need.
  • Thanks, Chuck. I'll leave this open for a while longer so more people have a chance to review
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