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We are working on Change Management in the KACE Service Desk - I have rules set so that if it is a particular category, impact and risk the system will set the correct approver and then notify them so they can approve it.  What I need to do now is if a ticket is rejected and then changed back to proposed re-run the rules that are in place.  problem is that I do not have the status field in any of the queries, because I did not need it (I thought)

What I have the rule doing is if the approver rejects the change request the status is changed to Rejected and a notification goes out to the submitter and owner.

How can I write a query that says if a ticket status is changed from 'Rejected' back to 'Proposed' run the rules that set the approvals.

Do I have to incorporate the status filed in all of the rules that I have already created? So that if the ticket is Category/Priority/Impact/Status and it is changed back to Proposed it will execute the query?

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