Hello, I tried searching for this but no success. If I missed it please point me in the right direction.

What we'd like to do is change the 'sent from' email address when using the Email Ticket function. The system pulls the From email address of the person logged working with the ticket, but we'd like it to use the email address for the Queue. Then the receipient can Respond and the ticket be updated. We've played with rules etc, but this would make things much smoother for how we use the system. Any suggestions? We do have it setup to receive emails and we know about using the appropiate switches for updated fields, that is working great.

Thank you!

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I honestly don't believe there is a way to change this since the user logged in is requesting the email be sent. It might be something that support (level 3) might be able to do via a SSH tunnel or as professional services. 

Answered 05/08/2013 by: nshah
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  • Thank you, I was afraid of that. We're just looking for a way to send out and get a response back without a bunch or rules. I appreciate your response.
  • if you want the email interaction you can check mark under submitter that they get emails on comments added to the ticket. that way if you add something and don't make it owners only, they will get an email. They can then respond back and it will get added to the ticket.

    You can also customize the email that they get if they open the ticket via email from the Email on Events section. From there you can add more variables ($ticket_desc...etc) to the Email Ticket Creation Acknowledgement area.

    You would have to make sure your staff doesn't put in any comments they don't want to use to see or remember to put a check mark on the "Owners only" in the comment section.
  • That makes sense and will be great for more info needed from submitter, thanks. Working on a basic Approval process where the approver can email back a yes or no (more or less) without logging into the system. I appologize I'm totally new to this and only learned I'd be setting up the service desk last month, zero previous experience with KACE or working with sql querys.
    I was able to get a rule setup to email the approver on ticket close, but when I respond to the email with @approval= Approved I get an error saying "Non-approver trying to set field "approval"". Confusion as the email was sent to the approver. Will keep digging and reach out to PS if needed, thanks.
  • are you set up as an approver with the correct label and that label selected for the queue?
  • I think so, and I allowed 'all users as approvers' and set the 'approval_info' field to user modify in an attempt to remove any blocks.
    Re label selected for the queue, if you mean is my label in the ticket owners by label, yes.
  • trying changing it to Owners only Hidden from User instead of User Modify.
  • no change, will keep digging.
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I've been working with KACE support on a similar configuration change where I want the emails coming out to have different content than the out of box machine garble. In the end my users aren't reading the emails because they think everything is automated and they miss comments, questions, and instructions that we've posted for them to follow.


Long story short you'll probably have to get a quote for KACE professional services.

Answered 05/09/2013 by: GeekSoldier
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  • Thanks. If I can assist with making this a new 'feature' let me know.
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