Have built a new KBE_x64  using KBE_WinPE 5 on a K2000 3.6 for a usb UEFI boot on a Surface Pro 2 tablet.  Followed all the help I could find on ITNinja.  When I got to boot the Surface Pro 2 from the usb I get "System error 1231 has occurred" and leaves me at the command prompt.  In researching this error on earlier winPE version (I could not find any for version 5)  it seems to me to be a nic driver issue.  I took the Surface Ethernet adaptor driver and placed it in the KBE under customer_drivers folers and surface2 ethernet subfolder and re-created the KBE again (recaching and the whole deal). That USB doent even load on the Surface.  It looks on USB and fails and then the Suface boots from it's hard drive.  Any clues what I'm missing here to get the Surface Pro 2 to boot into KBE and talk to the k2000?  The k2000 and the target PC are on the same subnet.  Am I adding drivers correctly?  

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  • where EXACTLY do I add the nic driver for Surface Pro 2 in the KBE? I have tried in the dell folder and that didnt work, will next try the root. And I am recaching and rebuilding the KBE after each change.
  • if you have the files you can manually add them. Place them in \\ikbox\drivers\kbe_windows_x64\some sub folder and recache and rebuild
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