Hi All,

 Create following Computer Startup script but only first line of command works.  didn't install other two msp files?

start /wait msiexec /i "\\server\softwareshare\1.ICUserApps_SU10.msi" /update "\\server\softwareshare\2.ICUserApps_SU18.msp"  /l "\\server\softwareshare\logfile.log"  ICSERVERNAME=cic3pod /qn
start /wait msiexec /p "\\server\softwareshare\3.ICUserApps_SU18(SU18-IC-113786).msp"REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=omus /l "\\server\softwareshare\logfile_01.log" 
msiexec /p "\\server\softwareshare\4.ICUserApps_SU18(SU18-IC-116774_IC-116124).msp" REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=omus /l "\\server\softwareshare\logfile_02.log"

What is wrong? or how do  i run this?


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  • What error codes are in the log files?
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Add a space in the second command between .msp" and REINSTALL.

Add start /wait before the second command.

Add /qn to the second and third command to suppress the gui.

Answered 06/17/2014 by: martin99
Senior Yellow Belt

  • Add '*vx' to your '/l' argument to get verbose logging. If you're going to log, you may as well get as much information as you can!
    • Hi All,

      I have add the changes and run again but Somehow its only run the first command and create only the first logfile?

      Can we set run only once to the first command? this will take long time (350MB)
      • Hi Guys,

        I have changed /p to /update and all went ok. Thanks guys.

        Now I got two issues.

        1. When this upgrade done when the user restart. But system reboot after 5-10 min without notifying?

        2. How do I verify this install on all the computers?

  • Thanks guys
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