We recently updated our K2000 to version 3.4.  The boot image we have been using still boots fine but the "Error trying to boot to KBE - The password is invalid for \\x.x.x.x.\peinst" occurs.  The simple work-around works fine listed in this post http://www.itninja.com/question/error-trying-to-boot-to-kbe-the-password-is-invalid-for-x-x-x-x-peinst.

Creating a new boot image from the same machine the previous(working) image was taken from, results in an unbootable image. We have used a Dell & an Acer netbook to try and boot off this image. The result is:

Error: Unable to determine server ip address from dhcp

Error: Unable to mount K2000 share at \\x.x.x.x\peinst

We had all sorts of problems in the beginning getting the Acer netbooks (models 753, 533, 531) to boot off the K2000.

Not sure what my next move is...

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Your Error: Unable to determine server ip address from dhcp shows that you probably are not even getting an IP on this box.

from the main menu open recovery and enter IPConfig /all and see if the nic drivers are loaded and if you have an IP.  If you do have an IP I would check the dhcp options 66, 67, and 244 for the subnet you are on.



If you have not already done this.  download the new media manager, the new one will have a "host login password" box in the upper right corner.

Place any network drivers you may need on the k2000 to add to the boot env in \\ikbox\kbe_windows_x64 or x86 directories under any sub directory (I created one myself so I know they are the drivers I placed there)

Upload your boot env using the new media manager putting the password from "general settings - driver/restore share password in.

After you upload your new env's make sure you go to the k2000 - settings & maintenance - general settings and change the default k2000 boot envs to the new ones.


Answered 11/20/2012 by: SMal.tmcc
Red Belt

  • for the acer, download the drivers needed and decompress them and add to the kbe_windows directories prior to uploading a new boot env (make sure you can see the inf, sys and cat file plus any ohters needed files)
  • Machine is not getting an IP address. ipconfig shows blank. i have manually placed the drivers in the kbe_windows_x32 folder. I have downloaded the new media manager and created a new boot enviroment. This image is set as the default boot enviroment. This new image does not boot.

    The old boot image works, but asks for username/password again.
    • If you are not getting an ip sounds like the drivers you provided are not there or are not correct. during the boot build a dos windows opens and you can watch it load the drivers from your temp area, while it is building look in the temp area for the files you added to see if they are there for the manager to use DISM to add to the default wim. You do not need to recache for PE uploads, I just went thru adding drviers for a new toshiba to the boot env. I manually copied them to the \\ikbox\drivers\kbe_windows_x64\tmcc\atheos folder and recreated my boot, choose that boot env from the menu and it failed. I went on the web and found different drivers for that nic from dell and put them in the same place and it then worked fine.

      the first drivers from toshiba were L1c63x64.xxx and the second ones from dell were L1c62x64, go figure
      • When we originally made the boot image we did have to manually inject the drivers into the boot wim. I think I will try this again, however I've forgotten the location of the boot images on KACE. Have had a look but no luck...
  • It sounds like the password changed for the drivers/restore share. Everytime you change the password for the drivers/restore share you need to rebuild you KBE. Also, if you placed the driver in the kbe_windows_x86 folder did you recache the driver share? If you didn't recache then the server won't recognize that the driver is there. After you recache rebuild the KBE.
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If you want to inject the drivers yourself copy and modify the boot.wim that is under your waik and use the kbe tab to upload a custom .wim

Answered 11/28/2012 by: SMal.tmcc
Red Belt

  • Have downloaded the tool and gone through the process. Still didn't work. Same problem plus additional ones. How can I access the boot wim image directly on KACE like we did originally? What is the path to the network share?
  • you cannot get to those files directly on the server, only tech support can acces them.

    I have in the past gone to detail on that boot env and choose "download a bootable ISO" then used winiso to extract the boot wim from the ISO, mounted the file on my HDD and modified it. Then commited the changes and unloaded it. Replaced the boot.wim file in the ISO file with the modified one using winiso and then burned a boot disk and it worked.
    • OK. I'm beginning to think that there is something wrong with our K2000. I have downloaded the ISO of the working (old) image from the 'Boot Enviroments' page.
      From this I have extracted the boot.WIM file. Using the 'KBE Manipulater' I have made a custom KBE by using the boot.WIM file from the working image.

      Once this image has been uploaded I have downloaded the 'new' ISO from the K2000. I have mounted the boot.WIM file from this & compared it against the 'working' WIM file. They are identical.

      Upon booting a client through KACE using the 'new' boot image, the output I get is:

      "ERROR: Unable to determine server IP address from DHCP "

      Not long after this the command "cscript /nologo..." fails, as cscript is not found in the directory. Search of directory confirms this.

      From there, the boot fails. Not sure what else I can do...
      • You may have a bad driver loading ahead of your driver thus keeping from loading.

        Boot your env and go to the command prompt under recovery on main page. put your driver files and any other utilities on a usb stick. plug it in to the box, it should show up around f: give or take a letter.
        read thru the next few links, they tell how to view and load drivers. Solve the problem manually first. then you should be able to fix your boot env.

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After many attempts, I succesfully mangaged to get a bootable KBE!  The problem :

Reinstalled WAIK.  Worked straight up.  Don't know why, but that was the fix for me.  Thanks for all your help SMal.tmcc 

Answered 12/17/2012 by: HazDog
White Belt

  • sounds like maybe the wim that was in the old wiak was corrupt, go figure
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