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I was looking at this blog doing research for an unrelated issue and stumbled across this post:


So I started poking around and sure enough I have a 5.58 GB of unsolicited Windows 10 install files sitting at the root of C: on my hard drive. I checked a couple of other machines and it seems to bee fairly hit or miss. Is there a way I can use my K1000 to generate a report that will show me who did and did not get this downloaded? Gotta admit I'm a little miffed at Microsoft on this one. Across a whole environment this is a lot of wasted drive space and bandwith. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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create a custom inventory rule for one of the files

Answered 10/29/2015 by: SMal.tmcc
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Thanks SMAl.tmcc Though a little vague I was able to figure this out thanks to your answer. I have never created a custom inventory rule before and the process seems a bit counter intuitive. I would have thought the solution would have been a smart label of some sort, though from what I gather now that the rule is in my software list I could create one now using the new entry I just created as a reference. For posterity's sake here is a full breakdown of what I did:

Go to Inventory> Software> Choose Action> New>

In the Name field enter a name (I put a Rule- in front of it for easy searching later)
In the Publisher field enter Custom (So I know moving forward it was something I created)
Select the effected operating system(s)
In the custom inventory Rule field enter your script. there is a very handy ? box there that will show a list of commands. After reviewing I decided to go with DirectoryExists(C:\$Windows.~BT) Pretty simple I know but I'm not trying to fly to the moon here. 

Save then you are taken back to the software inventory page.

I forced an inventory against my machine since I knew the directory existed there and my rule now shows up in the software drop down on my machine's inventory. Success! I was then able once all of my machines checked in to generate a report that listed all of them with the Windows 10 install files. It returned over 70 results. Thanks Microsoft.

Answered 10/30/2015 by: Rowdy0ne
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