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I have 7 tasks, but I want to start with a 'if folder exists' either exit or continue.

Can I move all the tasks down 1 level?

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  • I believe the only way to "reorder" your tasks if from within the different levels.

    If all of your tasks were under the same category.. "On Success", "Verify", etc. then you can easily reorder those with the reorder button shown under the tasks.

    However, if you are trying to move a task from "Verify" to "On Success" - I don't know a way of doing this. I have always just re-created the task under the category that I needed.

    Let's see if the community can help out more with your question.

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Not as of the current version.  Vote for the feature on Uservoice, if you'd like to see it (I've put three votes towards it, because I've had to rebuild 7-task scripts, too):


In the meantime, you can try to work a "Verify a directory exists" into your first task's Verify section.

Answered 11/20/2018 by: ondrar
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