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So today we exceeded our K1 license because we have more then 30,100 machine records.  The K2 won't even work because of this.  I discovered that the K1 settings retain machine data for 3 months, and of course I have changed that down to a month.  But that leaves 9,500 orphaned inventory records that are no longer valid, and I don't relish the prospect of deleting them 100 at a time from the inventory screen.

Is there a way to delete everything over a month old?  Changing the setting did not automatically delete everything older than what I set.

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The only way that it can be done through the interface is the way you describe, deleting 100 at a time.

It's possible tech support could do delete the orphaned records in the database on the backend, but it might not be without a price.

Answered 08/23/2013 by: jknox
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  • Is it worth a support ticket do you think?
    • If the checkbox to automatically delete MIA computers isn't deleting computers then I would submit a support request.
      • Is there a checkbox for that? Aside from setting the threshold?
      • Inventory, Choose Action, Configure MIA Settings, Automatically delete MIA Computers.
      • It's already checked at 30 days, guess I'll have to look into that support ticket
  • 30k machines, WOW! You must have a huge team and always dealing with imaging, installs, upgrades. Thank goodness you have a Kace box.
    • Well we are more in the 20,000+ range after I clean up our inventory, but we do have around 50 different people who each image.