The title makes it confusing, but what I want to do is simple.

I have a bunch of offices that are remote(404 to be exact), and they have individual routers with multiple machines behind them. These routers have the BU#, Address, Contact phone, etc.

What I want is a way to take the IP address of a machine, compare the first three octets to the router asset IP addresses and associate the router to that machine. For the purpose of having the ability to patch, inventory, deploy, etc. to each office individually. Sounds simple enough, right?

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  • Can you just create a smart label IP address begins with XXX.XXX.XXX?
    • Can I automatically associate the smart label with a specific asset based on the name?
      • There should be a way. Label is an option when setting up the asset types. Either way though it should still require a smart label. So either IP address begins with XXX.XXX.XXX, or Asset Info = Router Info.

        What I was getting at is you are looking to patch, inventory, deploy, etc to those remote locations. If that is your main goal create a smart label for each. I know you have 404, but you have to start somewhere?
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For patching, deployment, inventory, this would be the realm of labels.  If inclusion is based solely on data, smart labels are the way to go.  If the groupings are manual or arbitrary, regular labels will have to suffice.

For specifics, check the Administrator Guide:



Answered 07/31/2013 by: grayematter
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  • I want to create a smart label that is dependent on which router it is connected to. The first 2 octets of the IP are the same, I just need them to match up and be associated with each other automatically...Or I would have to create 404 smart labels that say this IP range is associated to this router, and then manually look up the router for BU, address, etc.
  • Unfortunately that will be 404 individual smart labels. I am not aware of a way to bulk create labels. As we are a university and deal with classrooms and labs, I understand your pain.

    If you want to group those smart labels (say you have 40 routers and each has 10 subnets), you could create label groups. Each label group would contain the appropriate smart labels for that particular router, eg: label group "Router 27" contains smart labels "Subnet 271", "Subnet 272", etc. This is more for managing labels and not for targeting patches, deployments, etc.

    The computers will automatically be included in the appropriate smart label when they check in. So when computer ABC moves from subnet 32 to subnet 209, once it checks in with the new IP address, it will be automatically moved from the smart label "Subnet 32" to the smart label "Subnet 209". That's what makes smart labels "smart".

    If you have the routers configured as assets, you can link the router asset with the smart label. This association can be done in bulk with an asset import of a CSV file containing the router asset name and the smart label name, mapped to the appropriate asset fields.

    I hope this helps.
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