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We are just starting testing for Windows 8 and I am trying to create a WIndows 8 KBE.  I have downloaded the Windows 8 Assessment and Deployment software from microsoft.  Media manager will not find the PE files for this kit.  I have tried pointing the directory to any directory in the kit files but it does not work.  Should we be deploying Windows 8 via the Windows 7 AIK?  Is there some sort of process I should be folllowing?  I have check IT Ninja and can't find anything as well as looked at the Admin guide for answers but there is nothing there.  Thanks!

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The K2000 does not yet support WinPE4.  You can continue to use the WinPE3 KBE made from the Windows AIK and it will capture/deploy Windows 8.

Answered 03/29/2013 by: andrew_lubchansky
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This has not worked for us. I have tried everything under the sun and nothing seems to allow the image to restore. I used Win 8 Ent 64bit to build a reference machine. Applied desired settings and packaged with unattend file using VLK license. I can capture a wim image of the reference machine with no problem but when I try to deploy to another machine it never boots. Can't figure out why. Unattend simply creates some accounts and applies the license. What am I missing? Is there a reference page yet with step by step. Like the above user I have been on IT Ninja for days and can't find any information. Likewise the guides at this point are useless.

Answered 05/16/2013 by: HelpdeskCary
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  • I get exactly the same issue, just saying "Booting..." and nothing happens.
  • try this. Go into PXE Boot environment and select recovery. Open command prompt and look at diskpart to determine what drive is the OS drive. Typically D with windows 8. Type in the following command in command prompt bcdboot D:\Windows This applies the boot manager to the correct OS drive. I did this and rebooted and boom the thing booted up. I ended up building a post installtion script that simply performs this task and my images will now boot. I ran in to all kinds of other problems though and decided to skip the whole UEFI process that creates 4 drives, etc. KBOX just seemed to not be able to handle it. I build a simple 2 drive (C, D) image without UEFI support. The problem is my system the boot environment recognizes the CDROM as D which causes the image to fail on deployment. So I built a pre installation script to assign letter E to the cdrom then wipe the drive, then create 2 partitions and everything works flawlessly now. Not perfect, but works for me.

    select volume 0
    assign letter="E"
    select disk 0
    create partition primary size=350
    format quick fs=ntfs label="System"
    assign letter="C"
    create partition primary
    format quick fs=ntfs label="Windows"
    assign letter="D"

    I did this because in the boot environment when you capture the image sees the drives as C system and D windows. I just made the pre installation task match. The post installation then sets D as the windows boot.