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Hi Guys!

Has anyone looked at migrating to BPOS or MS Online Services in particular for external exchange?
We are about to move in this direction but we have had a few headaches - IE if anyone has problems with constant password prompts - try this:

If exchange online is connecting to your local exchange and not to MS Online Services hosted exchange.
Try to alter Closest GC=1 in HKCU/software/microsoft/exchange/exchange provider - this may need to be enabled (1) or disbled(1), depending on where your site / remote site is situated against the global catalog server.

Now back to my question:
Has anyone packaged OnlineServicesSignIn-en.msi ? I have but noticed the ADM can fascilitate the preferences anyway...I think it is the mocha.adm G.P..
But what about auto-configuration of Outlook? I tried to grab the details that were located in the HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles but it is all in Hex which relates to the values in a PRF...by the way, I noticed BPOS does actually create a temp PRF that is located in the user's profile...
I have placed the exchange details, certificates etc in the HKCU\Software\Microsoft\MOCHA\Configuration.
Used the HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Exchange\Client\Options
"PickLogonProfile"="0" so I can force the test account to use the BPOS exchange account and finally HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles

I am trying to allow the test account to move from the local exchange to MS Online exchange services - thats my aim but there are ost files involved and it seems most of the settings are in: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\%USERNAME%\
I wish there was a book on this part of the registry...the only info I found is around pst which is not really helpfull.
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Hey there Ole,

I haven't packaged this, however I was wondering if you were were using these resources:
Have you tried the customisation tool? ~
the MOSDAL ~

Seeking information from the team blog ~

Seasons Greetings and Ciao
Answered 12/28/2009 by: WayneB
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Thanks Wayne!

I have downloaded all the goodies and will definitely invest some time to investigate.

Much Appreciated and safe New Year.
Answered 12/29/2009 by: tron2ole
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Nice little vb script MS wrote in the tools but unfortunately, the results do not really explain what Windows Messaging Subsystem hex values mean?
I had seen in either this forum or another, the values against pst files but I wish there was some hard info about the hex values in this registry hive.
I would love to know how to create profiles in this area of the registry.....there is a prf file which is created by BPOS...I might look further into this as the prf essentially creates the registry files in the windows messaging subsystem.
Answered 12/30/2009 by: tron2ole
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I have nearly found the answer...well I have...sort of
Remind me not to use the messaging subsystem reg - just stick to PRF files [:D]
After a manual install of MS Online Services, I have found that MS actually provide a PRF file located in:
C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Sign In\Config\%BPOS_Username%
Called outlook-configuration.prf
I tested this PRF and altered the obvious like:

OfflineAddressBookPath=C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Sign In\Config\%BPOS_username%

Therefore, if I simply use the old prf import by the means of outlook.exe /importprf "path to prf" - this will work well.
Now to automate and clean it up a bit which I am currently testing...
I have used the method of using variables in the prf file as above and using the insert line wisescript to determine the variables against the username. Then executed the script at logon via the active setup key.
This will illiminate the need for users to use the "configure Outlook" button in the Online Services client - not a huge big deal but illiminates user problems...

Using the Outlook 2007 admin setup to either import the PRF again and reapply the patch or using the key below so the prf will be applied at first Outlook launch.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Outlook\Setup - ImportPRF=Path of prf file

This last part I am not having much luck and I do not think MS will come to the party either...as they would like users to use "Configure Applications" within BPOS client...I just want users to hit the Outlook shortcut and bingo...

Answered 01/06/2010 by: tron2ole
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Answer is simple - use the prf provided by MS Online Services in the \profilename\local settings\application data\microsoft\Sign In\Config\%BPOS_Username%.
Alter the usernames in the prf file to point to the username variable...
Use this in a Office 2007 admin tool to create the Outlook patch which includes the prf file.
When the patch is deployed, the user does not have to configure Outlook, etc in BPOS Client - works fine.
Note: Microsoft at the moment will not support this solution and want users to configure Outlook.
The drawback if users do not configure Outlook in the Onlines Services UI which they have not seen before, Outlook will fail.
Answered 01/07/2010 by: tron2ole
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I assume you know Intermedia is the only provider for hosted Exchange 2010 and has both 99.999% SLA and 100% data protection guaranteed? MS Online Services has been experiencing all thru January and issuing 25% invoice credits! And this in only for Exchange 2007...
Answered 02/19/2010 by: filic
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