I saw the webcaste for integration of bomgar and kace. We're primarily a Windows shop here and I set remote assistance and rdp options via gpo. Would there be any big advantage to having bomgar? I know about the integration with macs/ios/andriod. Any other reason? I hear it is pretty expensive.

Thanks :)
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  • If you're still looking, you might find real user reviews for Bomgar and how they compare with other remote access tools on IT Central Station to be helpful. As an example, users interested in Bomgar also read reviews for LogMeIn Rescue. You can see a direct comparison between the two solutions here: https://www.itcentralstation.com/products/comparisons/bomgar-remote-support_vs_logmein-rescue/tzd/c526-sf-105.

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I have not used Bomgar so this is all theory but with the events that it has driven by email you should be able to have it trigger tickets and populate tickets with machine troubleshooting info and logs while you are at the machine. As for other feature comparisons on the actual video, user experience, efficiency, etc I cannot comment as I don't know.
Answered 01/18/2012 by: GillySpy
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  • WE just started using our two free Bomgar licenses yesterday to deal updating Salesforce for Outlook for all of our remote sales reps. After three reps using it all day for two days and back to back installations, we want more. We love how easy it is to use, We haven't even integrated it with our KACE yet and were able update 20+ users and ended of fixing all their others issues at the same time. Our end users are loving it and our HelpDesk once again.
We have Bomgar and Kace it's worth it. Here's why:

Bomgar provides support to non windows devices (We have lot of macs and a few linux boxes)
Bomgar records videos of each support session
Bomgar is in house so performance and logs are all in house
Bomgar will work anywhere in the world if you have it configured for the outside world.

It's really a question of what your supporting and where you are supporting them. For us we have a number of internal and external clients and are a mixed environment

I currently don't use the Kace ticketing system so I can't speak to the Bomgar and Kace integration for that part.
Answered 01/18/2012 by: ms01ak
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If Bomgar is expensive you can also look at Ultra VNC. The remote control comes bundled as a software install in the KBOX for internal usage but outside of that it has a repeater you can use for those exteral client as well to get past their home firewalls...etc.


The link above describes some of their products worth checking out.
Answered 01/18/2012 by: nshah
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We are currently using Dameware Mini Remote. We only have windows clients so if you need to support other OSes you may want to consider something else. You can use AD security groups with Dameware to lock down who can remote into what machine. The price is very cheap and is licensed per named Controller and there is no limit for the number of clients you can install this on.
Answered 01/18/2012 by: darkhawktman
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Interesting. Thanks everyone for your input. I just need to get all our various tech groups onto one platform. Right now we've got sccm remote, rdp, remote assistance, tightvnc, realvnc, hyena, radmin... probably more floating about. lol
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A product we use in my environment is the Goverlan Administration Suite. It has a remote control application that is available for standalone purchase. It supports agent based remote support for windows clients, RDP for windows clients, and vnc for linux/mac clients. You can connect by IP or Hostname and it does integrate with KACE. The price is far lower than that of Bomgar and coming up in the next software version 8 there will be support for vPro KVM functionality which is one thing Bomgar holds over Goverlan. The admin suite was roughly 600/license with unlimited nodes. The remote control by itself is 200-300 per license. Last time we quoted 6 enterprise licenses for Bomgar it was in upwards of 15K.


look at it here


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